Everyday, Norway.


So, I realized that I never said what the heck I’m even doing here, in Norway.

Without further ado, I’ll clarify. I have an internship at a company in Bergen called Wema System.  It’s a manufacturing company that produces fuel and AdBlue sensors for trucks and such. So when you see that your fuel tank needs filling, you can now think, “Oh, Meredith works with these kinds of contraptions.” Or not.

I don’t work with the sensors specifically…not my type of engineering. I have a faint idea as to how they work, but could not relay this information because 1. I signed a confidentiality agreement, and 2. My explanation would leave both parties more confused than the beginning of the conversation about fuel sensors.  I work with the process of making the sensors and some sub-assemblies to see how they can be more efficient so that we can make more sensors! It may sound boring to you, but I totally love this stuff. It’s like a puzzle where changing some maneuvers creates greater output.  Word of advice…don’t ever go to the airport with me….I’ll just be complaining to high heaven about how many design flaws there are and how stupid it is that we’re standing in a miserably long motionless line.

Wema’s Bergen office is extremely international. In my department alone, there are 6 nations represented: Spain, Poland, Romania, Greece, America, and Norway, naturally. Every day I learn something new, not only about working in an international company (units get me every time), but also about different cultures: how they celebrate different holidays, what childhood life is like, different traditions, the chocolate etc…

I really enjoy going to work. Over the past 4.5 months that I have been working at Wema, my department, Industrialization, has felt more and more like my family. While there are some frustrations at work that we deal with, cause, well, work is work…a lot of the time it feels more like fun than a job.  My colleagues have been so welcoming and have gotten to know me with such sincerity that I feel comforted even though thousands of miles separate me from my actual family.

So, that’s my weekday life. On weekends, I try and go see new things, explore different parts of Bergen. Last weekend I made it to this glass-blowing shop and even got to try the artisanal art myself! It is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, but definitely something I’ve always wanted to do.


Today I finally made it to Gamlehaugen, the mansion of the Royal Family when they are visiting Bergen. It’s a whopping 15 minute walk from my dorm and I just managed to make it there today. I’ve tried before, but windy streets + directionally challenged me = very lost American girl that can SEE the mansion, but can never see how to get to it. Today it was windy streets: 0 Meredith: 1, and what a day! So much blue sky that I wondered for a second if I was still in Bergen.